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Ridge Cap Shingles - What are they and what are they used for?

All Roofs that are not flat have a ridge, and most roofs will likely have multiple ridges. "Ridge cap shingle" as the name suggests, is a shingle that caps the ridge of the roof. Every roof with a ridge will have a ridge cap of the same material as the roof whether it is asphalt shingles or metal roofing.

What Exactly is a Ridge Cap Shingle?

Ridge cap shingles are used to protect the ridges of the roof. The ridge is the highest part of the roof, and it is especially exposed to sun and weather. This makes it more vulnerable to damage than any other part of your roof.



The Importance of Ridge Cap Shingle.

The ridge cap has several functions. It helps keep water from getting into your attic by blocking rain from entering through the seams in your roof's singles; this helps prevent mold growth inside your attic. It ensures good ventilation for your attic; this allows hot air trapped inside your attic to escape through vents installed on top of each rafter. It protects the roof's underlayment from sun damage by creating shade over it.



Replacement of Ridge Cap Shingles.

The ridge of your roof is the highest point of your house, so it is the first to take damage and wear and tear, usually from things such as: bad weather, fallen limbs, and sun damage.

This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your roof and make sure that you are aware when something needs to be replaced. Here are some signs that you should start looking into replacing your ridge cap shingles:

The ridge cap is cracked. A crack in this area could indicate a bigger problem with other parts of your home, including leaks. If you spot any cracks in this area, contact us for an inspection as soon as possible!

It has been over 10 years since installation. Most warranties are only good for 10 years after installation so if you have had your roof installed within 10 years then you may want to get a quote from us on replacing your ridge cap shingles immediately!

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