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How does Snow and Ice impact my roof?

Have you ever wondered if the snow and ice on your roof could be harming it? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, this is a common question, but it’s not usually asked until snow is already on the roof. Luckily, even if it’s already happening, there are things you can do to minimize damage.

What is the Impact of Snow On Your Roof?

Snow, it's kind of the worst. While it might make for some pretty photos, when it comes to roofs, snow can have a major impact. Too much of it on your roof can cause leaks that affect your belongings and damage your home. This is one of the many reasons why you should keep an eye on your shingles throughout the year.

It may look beautiful on the ground, but snow is extremely heavy. The weight can cause your roof to collapse, making it a serious hazard during winter storms. Packed snow can weigh upwards of 30 pounds per cubic foot. All the extra weight puts stress on your roof over time, resulting in cracks and breaks. If the snow is heavy enough, it can cause structural damage in weak spots like the decking or rafters. You most likely won't experience this problem every time it snows. It's more likely to happen in areas with heavy annual snowfall.



Ice: What is its impact on your roof?

Snow and ice go hand in hand, but snow brings different benefits than ice. Ice impacts your roof differently.

The main way ice impacts your roof is when ice damming occurs. As moisture from inside the house freezes and expands against the warm surfaces of your roof, it builds up on one side of the roof faster than the other. This creates a dam that holds back melted water from your roof's drains.

Ice can be a real pain for your roof. It can form on the surface of your shingles and, if it builds up, form icicles that eventually fall off. Another way ice impacts your roof is when excess water seeps into cracks and freezes. As the water starts to freeze, it expands, which puts stress and pressure on your roof. This can cause leaks when ice begins to melt in those areas.

3 Ways to prevent roof damage caused by snow and ice.

  1. Get an annual roof inspection. Winter is the most challenging time of year for your roof. Having a professional inspect your roof before winter can help prevent damage to your home and prolong the life of your roof!

  2. Invest in tools for snow and ice removal. This will relieve the pressure and weight on your roof. With the proper tools and techniques, removing excess snow from your roof can be safe, simple, and fun. Unfortunately, most people use common household objects for the job like brooms and shovels, which can cause damage to shingles or put you at risk of falling off the roof. Make sure to invest in roofing tools that are specifically designed to remove snow and ice safely from your roof!

  3. Be sure your gutters are clear. One of the best ways to prevent roof damage from snow and ice is to make sure your gutters are clear. This helps minimize blockages to allow excess water when the snow melts to drain from your roof. Don’t let snow and ice destroy your home. Take action to prevent damage by getting annual roof maintenance.

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