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Tips to Avoid Roof Damage Insurance Scams

The roofing industry is notorious for scamming people and taking advantage of homeowners. Unfortunately, storm damage and insurance claims bring out the worst in shady contractors. But dealing with roof damage, insurance companies, and scammers is enough stress for one week. Luckily, there are ways to avoid getting scammed by a repairman or contractor. Here are six tips to help you spot fraud before you get duped!

1. Make sure you use a local roofing company.

We want to make sure you don’t get caught up in any storm-chasing scams. After a major storm comes through, you may be inundated with door knockers that come from out-of-state. If a company doesn't have an office in your area or is an out-of-state company that offers a cheap rate, then they may not be reputable and won't use the best material needed to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible.

2. If you hear that you have storm damage, don't panic.

A roofer knocking on your door after a storm is not something you should panic about. If they’re coming to you with an estimate, and the damage isn’t severe enough to have you jump right into their pocket, take time to research this company. Should you need it, there’s no reason to jump onto their roof before researching others first.


3. Don't let anyone on your roof without giving them permission.

Some companies will try to get on your roof, even if you haven’t had a claim. They could be looking for water damage or trying to create it. This isn’t common, but it does happen. Be aware of anyone who wants to get on your roof without an appointment with you first. Some roofing companies could take advantage of you by inspecting your roof and telling you that it needs to be replaced. Even if it doesn’t, they may manufacture damage to make it appear as if it does.


4. Don’t sign anything until after they have been on your roof.

We want to make sure you don’t fall victim to any storm damage scam, so we’re here to provide some helpful information. When a door knocker comes to your door, they’re obviously trying to sell you something or make you aware of storm damage. While you can let them get on your roof for an inspection, DO NOT sign anything they put in front of you.


5. YOU must pay YOUR deductible.

When your roof needs fixing, it is tempting to try and find a way to save as much money as possible. But the savings of having a roofing company pay for your deductible can quickly turn into an expensive scam if you’re not careful. I know this is tempting, but you can't have a roofing company pay your deductible. Trying to avoid paying the deductible by having a roofing company pay it is illegal and will land you in trouble with the law.

6. Don't shop around when insurance is involved.

Getting a price quote from different roofing contractors is a good idea under normal circumstances. But if you have insurance, there’s no need to. The insurance company will fix the cost of your home and you don't need to worry about getting a series of estimates from multiple companies. Most insurance companies’ estimates are often lower than your actual roofing cost. When you’re shopping for a contractor, it can be tempting to go with the lowest price. But there are a few reasons why this is a bad idea. The first is that many companies that offer cheap prices don’t have the best reputation for quality workmanship. If their customers complain enough about the quality of their work, these contractors tend to fall off out of business quickly.

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